Statistics show that there are 15 million blind people in India, out of which 6.8 million are estimated to suffer from corneal blindness due to injuries, infections, congenital defects, deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’, malnutrition, or other factors. Normal eyesight can be restored in these people through corneal transplantation, which is possible only through eye donations as there is no substitute for human tissue. With a goal of “Sight for all” in the near future, we need to work together as a nation, towards the elimination of avoidable blindness. Donate Eyes, Gift Sight!
 – Dr. K. Bhujang Shetty

The sense of sight is a great privilege that many people in this world do not have. Eyesight allows us to appreciate the wonderful world around us such as the glory of a vibrant sunset, the beauty of a tree in bloom, the innocent smile of a child and the moments we cherish with family and friends.  Performing life’s most basic tasks such as reading a newspaper, cooking and walking are made easy by eyesight.

Unfortunately, the way of life we take for granted is very challenging for people with corneal blindness. Donating your eyes can restore sight and bring light to the lives of two visually challenged people. Join the thousands of Namma Bengalurians who have signed up with Narayana Nethralaya to be an eye donor at the time of death.


People without vision do not get to experience the world that we do and deserve better. Register to be an Eye Donor!

Give the gift of Sight – Give the Gift of life!