Pivot 1 (August 2021) Reviews


Overall the PIVOT was a wonderfull experience.Thanks a lot to NN team for conducting such a woderfull PIVOT course.


Dr Shankari

Hands on sessions were very useful.


Dr Malvika Rai

Its was really great programme.I learned a lot.In these 3 days i realised what is Ophthalmology.Thank you Pivot team for conducting such planned programme and giving us knowledge about every topic.


Dr Suhana

Cant find a word to express my gratitude…all the session were awsome…. giving hands on training was sooo grateful.thank you NN team for showing us to love ophthalmology… each word was impotant .if video was there we could go back and again listen to those precious words ….it would be helpful if we get ppt slides which was presented and the animation video for trabeculectomy which was shown..


Dr Rakshit Agrawal

Overall experience was great…it really incited new interest in me about some particular aspects of ophthal. I would just like to suggest that the slides/presentation were really helpful and should be shared with us so that we can revise what we gained there. Else it was perfect.


Dr Naman Saxena

It was a really nice experience for me, all the machines about which we read in books, we actually got to see those.


Dr Sri Archana

The 3 day session was a really good experience in all the various departments and we got to gain alot of new experience and knowledge thanks to the entire Narayana Nethralaya team. They were very friendly and approachable and patiently cleared all our doubts. Because of the time constraints some of the sessions were a little short and hurried but even in that short time we got to go back with alot of new knowledge. A big thankyou to each and everyone.


Dr Syed Shahaan Ahmed

Overall it was a very positive experience. Got to learn new techniques. I think a follow up is required in a few months to refresh our course. I am highly grateful to all the faculty who taught us with so much enthusiasm and made so much of effort just for our benefit. Thank you.


Dr.Ratnapriya Srivastava

I enjoyed, learnt and understood ophthalmology in much better way. Thank you so much for this great experience. Love for Ophthalmology has definitely increased. Looking forward for further such amazing interactions and learning.


Dr Ratthiga B

Made max use of the 3 days, few of the bestttestt days in ophthalmology training. Developing more love for the subject. More than jus ophthal, I got to know a lot of things. It was an amazing experience overall. Waiting for many more study programs!


Dr Anshika Luthra

It was a necessary stimulus, allowing us to recognise what we don’t know and the areas we need to work upon. Looking forward to PIVOT being a guiding force in our future journey as young opthalmologists, to provide us with that extra edge required in today’s day and age.


Dr. Agrima Bhatia

An extremely gratifying 3 days…Made me more aware of what latest we have to offer in ophthalmology…The hospitality,time discipline,teaching,hands on,all was an all encompassing experience.Extremely grateful for this course.


Dr Ansumi MS

Overall it was really great. Most useful was wetlab training and live surgery part.. Also sessions on OCT and hanson training part.